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Hiring is never easy. But it does not have to be so hard. Here at Lumaxia, we recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients. We can take the torment out of finding someone to fill your open positions. We specialize in direct placement, full-time, temp, and temp to hire. We will not rest until we find the right candidate for the position and for your company as a whole. We are committed to using a holistic approach in order to make sure the person we suggest is not only qualified but well-suited to the role.

What we Specialize in

Information Technology Staffing

Direct placement or Full time, temp, and temp to hire.

Federal Sector and State Projects

Direct placement or Full time, temp, and temp to hire.

Our Process:

Networking: We know who is hiring and we know how to match candidates with the correct positions. Our experts have years of experience and years of cultivating relationships with the right people in order to know the ins and outs of the staffing world.

The Method: We understand the importance of CRM software and having a strong, in-house, database of potential candidates for any position that arises. We are not just candidate finders. We are brand preservers. We strive to make sure that our candidates for positions are both qualified based on the job requirements, but also from a holistic perspective. We aspire to build both the employer’s and employee’s personal brand by finding the perfect combination of both.

Sourcing and Screening: Our recruitment consultants have the insight to pinpoint ideal candidates for all roles and are committed to finding your company the right new addition. We use all the latest software for staffing, including a newly created in-house candidate database, which allows us to have all the necessary information at our fingertips and then pass it along to you as efficiently as possible. Our screening methods are up to date and evolve with the times. We understand that needs of clients change and we work vigilantly to follow our client’s paths. Our thorough screening process entails that any chosen candidate will have to meet the written requirements but looks at the individual as a whole and compers their experience to the company itself. Candidates are more than a piece of paper and so are the roles they are filling this is why we make it a priority to understand both the prospect and the role we are filling themselves. If hired, the candidate will have to go through an employment verification process that we provide.

Staffing FAQs

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Recruitment is a positive process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating suitable candidates to apply for jobs within an organization.

We recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients in Financial. Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Utility, Retail, government, and federal sector. We specialize in Full Time, Temp, and Temp to hire roles.

Please feel free to call us at (508) 466-8193, by email at, or using the contact form on the website, and someone from the Talent Acquisition Team will reach out to you promptly.

This answer differs depending on the client. This information will be provided and explained throughout the recruiting process for the specific job you are a candidate for.

We provide a high-quality recruiting solution for employers. We use our proven recruitment theory which combines role profiling and candidate assessment, understanding the job requirement, and then start our search with the Candidate relations management (CRM) tool. Once the candidate is hired, we also provide a thorough Employment verification (E- Verify) which includes 2-3 professional reference checks and drug screening if required at a very minimal cost.

When it comes to sourcing, we do not cut corners in Identifying candidates. We have a three Process Screening ·Ticking off the basic or must-have requirements. ·Scanning for preferred or good to have qualifications · Match the holistic picture of the candidate to the role

We have our own extensive Talent pool across North America. Our Internal ATS (applicant tracking System) tool gives us access to screen qualified professionals who match the requirements and complete a successful search wherever the employers are based at.

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