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Whether you are looking for a contract job or a long-term career, Lumaxia Consulting will use our connections and in-house resources to set you up for success with fantastic employers nationwide. When placing a candidate at a job there is more that goes into it than simply comparing a resume to the job requirements. We consider both the candidate and the potential employer holistically when deciding if they will be a good fit for each other. We want you to not only succeed in your career but find the best place for you to do that. Our staffing experts are ready to help you find your right next steps.

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Our executive placements network will get you hired. However, you can also take a look at our current open positions and see if you are the candidate that we are looking for.
  • "My internship at Lumaxia taught me a ton about data automation, high tech collaboration, and the workflow of a rapidly-growing technology company. My role as executive intern had me working on a variety of projects that exposed me to countless new innovative tools and software ranging from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Customer Relationship Management systems. Working at Lumaxia enabled me to expand my technology skillset, as I was encouraged to participate in Lumaxia’s RPA and cyber security training courses, and I learned a lot about how a small business is run. I appreciated being part of Lumaxia's core philosophy, which involves recruiting and developing women and minorities in the information technology industry. My incredible experience showed me, firsthand, the power of diverse perspectives in real-world, innovative problem-solving. I loved my internship at Lumaxia!"

    Philip Onffroy

  • Working at Lumaxia exceeded my expectations in every way. Through this internship, I was able to attain hands-on experience in the field of immigration law and was able to work alongside motivated individuals in achieving a common goal. The internship
    provided me with an opportunity to gain practical skills, valuable knowledge, and further develop my professional career."

    Daniel R.

  • "Interning at Lumaxia is a fantastic experience. Interns are treated with respect and given meaningful work to help grow their careers. One of my favorite aspects of interning at Lumaxia was the ability to collaborate with and learn from other employees at the company."

    Stowell Simonton


Resume Services and Career Tips:

Our top goal is to get you hired. We are here to help you refine how you present your skills on your resume and help you prep for aspects of interviews like the “what is your biggest weakness?”. These services come with you becoming a perspective candidate for one of the positions we are trying to fill and are also available if you want to reach out to get some help. We have all kinds of tips and tricks to share that have come with our staffing experts’ years of experience within the industry.
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IT Training Course

Want to evolve your skillset? The Lumination Technical Training School will train you in one of the fastest-growing software out there. Our Robotics Process Automation, or RPA, courses will provide you with all the knowledge and aid necessary for you to pass the RPA certification exam, add a new skill to your resume, and advance your career.

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Job Seeker FAQs

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We work with Fortune 500 companies and have a network with companies who are hiring. Our rigorous and proven methodology combines role profiling, headhunting, and job assessment, and augmented with advisory services for application aspects like resume writing help and interview prep. We keep you informed throughout the entire interview process. Our main objective is to find you the right job.

We walk you through the entire process. We will keep you informed and prep you so you are ready to rock that interview.

Yes! We are happy to help you format your resume in a more professional way and help to hit the keywords and topics that would best frame you for your procession and potential jobs. Reach out to us.

Yes! We won’t let you go into an interview unprepared. We want our job seekers to get placements and that means we are committed to helping you through the entire interview process. We will talk you through the specifics of the interview, address any concerns you may have, and give tips to the challenging questions like “what is your greatest weakness?”. Everyone gets nervous for interviews and we are here to help prevent as much of that as possible.

We have a vast database of prospective companies who are hiring and depending on the situation, you don’t pay anything. When you get placed with the employer then the recruiter is entitled to receive a commission.

We build our and our clients' brand by telling and providing candidates with information regarding the company, benefits, and opportunities and engage with them proactively.

Let Us Help You Find Your Path 

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