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Hiring is never easy. But it does not have to be so hard. Here at Lumaxia, we recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients. We can take the torment out of finding someone to fill your open  positions. We specialize in direct placement, full-time, temp, and temp to hire. We will not rest until we find the right candidate for the position and for your company as a whole. We are committed to using a holistic approach in order to make sure the person we suggest is not only qualified but well-suited to the role.

What we Specialize in

Information Technology Staffing

Direct placement or Full time, temp, and temp to hire.

Federal Sector and State Projects

Direct placement or Full time, temp, and temp to hire.

Our Process


We know who is hiring and we know how to match candidates with the correct positions. Our experts have years of experience and years of cultivating relationships with the right people in order to know the ins and outs of the staffing world.

The Method

We understand the importance of CRM software and having a strong, in-house, database of potential candidates for any position that arises. We are not just candidate finders.

We are brand preservers. We strive to make sure that our candidates for positions are both qualified based on the job requirements, but also from a holistic perspective. We aspire to build both the employer’s and employee’s personal brand by finding the perfect combination of both.

Sourcing and Screening

Our recruitment consultants have the insight to pinpoint ideal candidates for all roles and are committed to finding your company the right new addition. We use all the latest software for staffing, including a newly created in-house candidate database, which allows us to have all the necessary information at our fingertips and then pass it along to you as efficiently as possible.

Our screening methods are up to date and evolve with the times. We understand that needs of clients change and we work vigilantly to follow our client’s paths. Our thorough screening process entails that any chosen candidate will have to meet the written requirements but looks at the individual as a whole and compers their experience to the company itself. Candidates are more than a piece of paper and so are the roles they are filling this is why we make it a priority to understand both the prospect and the role we are filling themselves. If hired, the candidate will have to go through an employment verification process that we provide.

Employers FAQs

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When you hire through a staffing agency you have the opportunity to “try” the employee before taking on the liability for their employment. They become an employee of the agency who takes care of the payroll, workers’ comp, new hire process, and benefits during their contract period.

YOU LACK THE TIME FOR THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS Filling a position the traditional way can be a lengthy process- you have to post the job, go through several resumes, conduct interviews, and track references. Then comes the training process. We can do this for you and find you the right talent.

YOU WANT EXPERTS TO FIND THE BEST IN THEIR NICHE- We understand that interviewing candidates can be time consuming and still not finding the right talent that fits the company standards. When a staffing company comes into play that not only increases the pool of candidates considerably but increases your chances of finding the right candidate in a given time frame.

YOU WANT AN EMPLOYEE WITH A SPECIFIC SKILL SET- This comes into play most often when you have a special project that requires specific skills that your current employees don’t possess or aren't proficient in. You can put the project off while a team member gets trained, which will most impact the deadlines. You could hire someone with this skill set but after the special project is complete, what do you do with this person? Your third choice is to connect with a staffing agency that can send you an employee for the duration of the project. The last choice is a win-win situation for all involved.

We at Lumaxia conduct thorough interviews with all of our candidates, of which we ask behavioral and technical questions. In addition as we place the candidate,we conduct thorough background checks, references and drug screens on a request basis by the client. However, we will guarantee every candidate to be thoroughly checked for all of the candidates that we suggest.

We have built a high-quality pipeline of candidates in our in-house database where recruiters keep not only candidates that have applied for jobs. We also have sourced and referred candidates. We do Social Recruiting using social media channels for recruiting different ways of using social media networks and websites - blogs, job boards to find and hire the right talent.

Yes. Our contract covers the project process and agreement conditions so that we meet the set expectations.

The time required to find the qualified talent depends upon the skills we are looking for and the search parameters but on average 24- 48 hours.

We begin the talent search by collecting hiring requirements from you. Lumaxia also requests you to provide constructive feedback throughout the process to ensure that we find the right set of candidates within the set timeline.

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We aren’t the only ones who know what a great candidate looks like. If you know of a person
who you would like to suggest fill out our referral form. We are always looking for more skilled
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We aren’t the only ones who know what a great candidate looks like. If you know of a person who you would like to suggest fill out our referral form. We are always looking for more skilled professionals!
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